Verde Copper Cabinets

In these cabinets, the Verde pattern has been set into four of the doors.  The Verde is known for its unique combinations of green and bronze colors.

Verde Copper Cabinets

Splendid Stellar Bar Top

The following bar top contains the Stellar copper pattern.  The Stellar pattern has the appearance of comets streaking across a dazzling orange backdrop.  As is standard with most copper bar tops, a layer of epoxy has been added to give a reflective sheen and additional layer of protection.

Stellar Copper Bar Top

Rojo Y Negro Copper Table Lamp

The lamp in the image below is a Rojo Y Negro copper table lamp. The entire lamp has been covered in Rojo Y Negro copper.

Rojo Y Negro Copper Lamp

Azul Copper Range Hood

The large range hood shown below has Azul copper bonded to the wooden surface. The copper has been neatly trimmed to match the round curves of the hood.

Azul Copper Range Hood

Wine Cellar Enchantment Backsplash

This copper backsplash, made for a wine cellar, has the Enchantment copper pattern inlaid behind a layer of glass. The black and orange colors of Enchantment are a good match for the dark wood and glass bottles to either side.

Enchantment Copper Backsplash

Wine Red Copper Tile

The copper tile shown below is of the Wine Red copper pattern. The Wine Red pattern contains many shades of red and gives the appearance of spilt wine.

Wine Red Copper Tile

Dusky Zebra Bar Top

In this image, you can see an epoxy-layered bar top with the Zebra copper pattern.  The Zebra pattern consists of strips of brown and black that extend down the sheeting.  The dark muted colors are able to match well in nearly any room.

Zebra Copper Bar Top

Verde Copper Bar Top

The copper table shown below has a solid wood base with a top wrapped in Verde copper.

Verde Copper Table Top

Enchantment Copper Tile – Diagonal

This photo is of a copper tile made from the Enchantment copper pattern. In this tile the Enchantment copper is set at a diagonal angle, but it can also be set vertically/horizontally.

Enchantment Copper Tile - Diagonal