Simple Copper Bathroom Shelf

The simple bath shelf on display here has made use of the Rojo copper pattern.

Rojo Copper Bathroom Shelf

Mottled Copper Tile

The tile shown here is formed with Mottled copper. Tiles can be ordered in a variety of different patterns.

Mottled Copper Tile

Vibrant Copper Range Hood

Here we have a copper range hood.  The pattern used for this hood is the Rojo Y Negro pattern, which contains vibrant orange/red shades and deep black tones.

Rojo Y Negro Copper Range Hood

Classic Rojo Copper Armoire

The armoire in this image is one of the most classic examples of color copper usage.  The Rojo pattern, commonly used for cabinet doors and furniture such as this, has been neatly sealed within the door frames.

Rojo Copper Armoire

Verde Copper Floor Lamp

Both the body and shade of this floor lamp has been wrapped in the Verde copper pattern. Deep greens and brown/bronze shades make up the Verde pattern.

Verde Copper Floor Lamp

Vibrant Flamed Copper Countertop

This countertop photo displays the Flamed copper pattern.  The Flamed copper pattern is strong and vibrant, and thus mixes very well with black furniture such as the stove pictured below.

Flamed Copper Countertop

Discrete Enchantment Copper Cabinets

The cabinets you see here have had Enchantment copper inset on the doors.  The Enchantment copper’s streaking appearance has been placed vertically to give a consistent appearance, despite the gap in between the top and bottom.

Discrete Enchantment Copper Cabinets

Streaking Enchantment Copper Bar Top

In this photo, we have a small bar top with the Enchantment copper pattern.  The Enchantment copper pattern is known for its streaking rainlike appearance.  It is often paired with dark brown and black wooden furniture and walls.

Enchantment Copper Bar Top

Exotic Bamboo Copper Backsplash

This particular backsplash makes use of the exotic Bamboo copper pattern.  Bamboo is one of the most popular choices for making a backsplash, both for the beautiful display it makes and for the mild shades that match well with most traditional kitchen colors.

Bamboo Copper Backsplash