Dazzling Bamboo Copper Bar Top

This bar top has been made with the Bamboo copper pattern. The dazzling reflective surface is due to the layer of epoxy on the surface of the bar.

Bamboo Copper Bar Top

Textured Copper Backsplash

In this image we have a textured copper backsplash with a rustic tinge for a dash of character.

Textured Copper Backsplash

Enchantment Copper Wine Table

Here we have a quaint wine table made from a barrel and a table top that has been formed from the Enchantment copper.

Enchantment Copper Wine Table

Flamed Copper Tile

Here we have a copper tile made from the brilliant Flamed copper pattern.

Flamed Copper Tile

Exquisite Rojo Copper Block Lamp

This exquisite lamp has been made from Rojo copper.  A mosaic of Rojo copper pieces have been patched together on the surface to give a unique appearance.

Rojo Copper Block Lamp

Quaint Bamboo Copper Countertop

In the photo below is a copper countertop with the Bamboo pattern.  The Bamboo pattern is a popular choice for countertops in kitchens.  In this instance, it makes an excellent match with the predominantly white colors used for the walls and appliances.

Bamboo Copper Countertop

Azul Copper Armoire

This unique handcrafted armoire has strips of Azul copper placed in each door.  The wood matches well with the rich blue shades of Azul, and the bronze colors assist in giving it a sense of parity.

Azul Copper Armoire

Soothing Distressed Copper Backsplash

The backsplash shown in the image below is made from the Distressed copper pattern. The Distressed copper’s dark, burnished appearance adds a soothing element to the kitchen’s atmosphere.

Distressed Copper Backsplash

Charming Azul Copper Bar Top

In this picture, we have an Azul copper bar top.  The Azul copper’s charming composition matches with the bar’s quaint structure.

Azul Copper Bar Top