Vintage Rail Copper Sheet

Here we have a textured copper sheetRidge lines have been pressed into the copper to give it the signature textured appearance for those looking to make use of something with a tactile form.

Textured Copper Sheet

Verde Pyramid Copper Lamp

Here we have the Pyramid Copper Lamp, named so due to its pyramid shaped base.  The pattern used in this example was the Verde copper, but the lamp can be made with other patterns, as well.

Verde Copper Pyramid Lamp

Effulgent Flamed Copper Countertop

The effulgent Flamed copper, shown on the countertop below, gives the appearance of flares and spots that lighten up the atmosphere of any room.  When placed near a window, the natural daylight serves to enhance the image.

Flamed Copper Countertop

Textured Distressed Copper Backsplash

The backsplash shown in this picture is made from the Distressed pattern, but additionally, it has been crinkled before being adhered to give it a strong textural appearance.

Distressed Copper Backsplash

Peculiar Zebra Copper Bar Top

The creators of this impeccable bar top chose the peculiar, yet snappy Zebra copper for its surface.

Zebra Copper Bar Top

Rojo Y Negro Copper Tile

The copper tile shown here is the Rojo Y Negro pattern.  The Rojo Y Negro pattern makes use of vibrant orange, somber black, and keen shades of red.

Rojo Copper Tiles

Rojo Copper Barnwood Cabinets

The cabinet doors in this picture are a combination of the Rojo copper and unique barnwood.  The copper goes well with lighter and more traditional wood colors.

Rojo Barnwood Copper Cabinets

Bamboo Copper Range Hood

The Bamboo copper hood displayed below is just one example of many different hood designs. The copper used was the Bamboo pattern, an excellent match for the light colored wood beneath.

Bamboo Copper Hood