Woven Textured Copper

Shown here is a textured copper sheet.  Many tiny indentations have been tapped into the copper to give it not only an altered appearance, but also a unique tangible sensation.

Textured Copper

Chill Mottled Copper Bar Top

The extensive copper bar top in this picture is made from the Mottled pattern.  Mottled’s dark brown and black shades help set a cool mood often desired for bar rooms.

Mottled Copper Bar Top

Horizontal Enchantment Copper Tile

In this image is an example copper tile of the Enchantment pattern. The streaks span horizontally, but can also be slanted diagonally toward the corners.

Enchantment Copper Tile

Distressed Copper Range Hood

The copper hood in this picture is made with the Distressed copper.  The Distressed copper’s brown tones are a good match for most shades of wood.

Distressed Copper Range Hood

Classic Copper Lamp

This rustic copper lamp has been made to look more primitive and uncultured.

Classic Copper Lamp

Luminous Flamed Copper Countertop

The Flamed countertop in this picture is a good example of a more basic application for copper decor. The Flamed copper keeps its luminous glow, set next to wood with a more rugged look.

Flamed Copper Countertop

Rojo Copper Cabinetry

In the background of this image, you can see a row of cabinets with the Rojo copper inlaid.

Rojo Copper Cabinetry

Extrinsic Bamboo Copper Bar Top

On this resplendent copper bar top, the extrinsic and alluring Bamboo copper pattern has been carefull inset and coated by epoxy.

Bamboo Copper Bar Top



Rustic Rojo Copper Furniture

The furniture set shown below has all been crafted from or adorned with the Rojo copper pattern.  Rojo copper‘s quaint, rustic appearance is often used to give a home a more classic, colonial atmosphere.

Rojo Copper Furniture Set