Contrasting Zebra Copper Countertop

The Zebra copper, consisting of dark brown and black stroke-like patterns is shown below in this countertop image. Similarly dark are the materials used for the sink and its faucet, and light wood is used to give contrast and balance out the light and dark.

Zebra Copper Countertop

Medium Distressed Copper Cabinets

This cabinetry example, using standard cabinet doors, shows what one can do with copper for facing. The Distressed pattern is shown below.

Medium Distressed Copper Cabinets

Flamed Copper Tile

The copper tile shown in this picture is of the Flamed copper pattern. Flamed copper gives off a luminous radiance that allures the eyes, perfect for lightening the mood of a room.

Flamed Copper Tile

Decorative Distressed Copper Fireplace

This winsome decorative fireplace is made with the Distressed copper pattern.

Distressed Copper Fireplace

Matching Rojo Copper Tabletop

The photo below shows an example of a copper tabletop together with a matching copper lamp. The Rojo pattern has been used for both, and matched well with the chosen wood and lampshade.

Rojo Copper Tabletop

Unusual Copper “Fish” Lamp

The textured copper “fish” lamp is made with the Rojo copper pattern.  The fish lamp’s unusual design gives it a charming appeal for those rooms which can find a place for it.  Different copper patterns can also be chosen.

Fish Copper Lamp

Zesty Enchantment Copper Countertop

In this image is a short countertop with the Enchantment pattern inset along the surface. The top of each section has been covered by the copper, which gives a uniform appearance and spirited, zesty environment to prepare meals or drinks in.

Enchantment Copper Countertop

Dappled Distressed Copper Backsplash

This copper backsplash, made with the Distressed copper pattern, is combined with dark brown cabinetry, a black dappled countertop, and lighting which gives off a subtle warm glow to create a chill enough atmosphere for those times when you want to avoid the overbearing rays that standard kitchen lightning can sometimes give.

Distressed Copper Backsplash

Dazzling Sunburst Copper Bar Top

The creators of the beautiful copper bar top have made use of the dazzling Sunburst pattern.

Sunburst Copper Bar Top