Rojo Y Negro Entertainment Center

The entertainment center shown here is made with Rojo Y Negro copper. Strips of various sizes have been inset into different areas of the entertainment center.

Rojo Y Negro Entertainment Center

Hammered Copper Sheeting

Copper can be purchased in many different forms, including textured.  This photo is a close-up of a hammered copper sheet, which has had numerous small depressions bumped into the copper to change its feel and appearance.

Hammered Copper Sheet

Hammered Copper Sheet

Curved Enchantment Countertop

This curved Enchantment copper countertop has been neatly rounded at the edges and coated with epoxy for a protective sheen.

Enchantment Copper Countertop

Lengthy Enchantment Copper Bar

This copper bar, made with Enchantment copper, uses several extensive sheets of Enchantment that stretch around the lengthy bar.

Enchantment Copper Bar Top

Crinkled Bamboo Copper Facing

The copper seen in this image is the Bamboo copper pattern.  The copper has been crinkled to add a textured appearance.

Bamboo Copper Facing

Distressed Copper Bar Top

The bar in this image is made with Distressed copper. The strong reflection is due to the protective coat of epoxy.

Distresed Copper Bar Top

Dark Enchantment Copper Bar

The copper bar below is made with the Enchantment copper pattern.  The Enchantment copper is commonly matched with dark colors such as black.

Enchantment Copper Bar Top

Rojo Classic Copper Mirror

Here we have a classic copper mirror.  The rim of the mirror has been wrapped in Rojo copper.

Rojo Copper Mirror

Azul Copper Desert Lamp

This special Azul copper lamp has a beautiful desert scene sculpted into its side.

Azul Copper Lamp

Enchantment Copper Tile (Diagonal)

In this image, we have a Enchantment copper tile with its pattern wrapped diagonally for a different look.

Enchantment Copper Tile (Diagonal)