Delightful Azul Copper Countertop

This copper countertop project takes the Azul copper and combines it into a delightful piece of furniture by placing it atop a smooth white storage cabinet.

Azul Copper Countertop

Sunburst Closet Door Copper Inserts

Today we take a look at a Sunburst copper project. In this image is a closet door in which the center panel as well as the four corners that lie just within the outer frame have all been embedded with Sunburst copper. Sunburst’s pattern is contains light shades of orange with numerous black ‘sunspots’.

Sunburst Copper Closet Door

Heightened Enchantment Copper Backsplash

This heightened copper backsplash, made with Enchantment copper, is placed in a well lit location to play to Enchantment’s strengths, part of which is the vibrant range of dark and light tones it has that can be best seen under proper lighting.

Enchantment Copper Backsplash

Trailing Stellar Copper Bar Top

It’s time for another Stellar copper project on our blog. In this case, a Stellar pattern bar top; note the pattern trailing neatly from one end of the bar to the other, as well as the beautiful surrounding environment that serves only to enhance the view.

Stellar Copper Bar Top

Personalized Enchantment Copper Bar Top

This smaller, personal copper bar top contains Enchantment copper as its chosen pattern. The dim lighting and chill atmosphere plays to the barroom theme.

Enchantment Copper Bar Top

Reverse Rojo Y Negro Copper Bar Top

The copper bar top shown here was made with the Rojo Y Negro copper pattern; however, instead of using the usual side where the pattern was formed, the owner’s decided to show off the back of the sheet, which often ends up with a pattern of its own as a side effect of the crafting process.

Reverse Rojo Y Negro Copper Bar Top

Impresive Enchantment Copper Range Hood

Copper range hoods are a great place to put Color Copper. For one, they’re often placed in rooms that lack much color, like kitchens. Secondly, they’re place high in a room and immediately draw the attention of others as they enter, leaving a nice impression and helping form a pleasant atmosphere to work in. The range hood in this image was made with Enchantment copper.

Enchantment Copper Range Hood

Sparkling Azul Copper Countertop

Another Azul copper countertop today, and this time you can really see how reflective the countertop’s epoxy is to the daylight. The dark colors bring a nice contrast to the light wood surrounding it.

Azul Copper Countertop