Sunburst Copper Door Paneling

This copper door project was made using the Sunburst copper pattern. The Sunburst copper was applied to the center panel and four corners of the door to accentuate the door’s unusual design.

Sunburst Copper Door Paneling

Enchantment Copper Swimming Pool Tile

This Enchantment copper tile was placed outside, allowing daylight to show off another facet of the pattern’s appearance.

Enchantment Copper Tile

Rectangular Mottled Copper Table Top

The Mottled copper pattern may not get as much representation on our site, but that isn’t because it’s not good! This wonderful copper furniture project takes Mottled and adheres it not only to the top but also to each of the small drawers beneath the table top.

Mottled Copper Table Top

Neat Seam Stellar Copper Bar Top

This Stellar pattern copper bar top gives an example of one way to deal with seams, which is simply to neatly line two strips up to one another and have the seam lead from corner to corner.

Stellar Copper Bar Top

Tawny Enchantment Copper Countertop

One way to make your copper really shine is with proper lighting in the right places. This Enchantment copper countertop is glowing in part thanks to the embedded yellow lights beneath the wall mounted cabinetry. It really enhances the signature colors of Enchantment, making them appear even more vibrant.

Enchantment Copper Countertop

Medium Distressed Copper Vanity

If it can be made with wood, it can probably be covered with copper. Here we have a wooden vanity with Medium Distressed copper adhered to the top. Note the smoothness and reflective epoxy coating.

Medium Distressed Copper Vanity

Reversed Rojo Y Negro Copper Bar Top

Have a glance at this standout copper bar top. It’s extensive and smooth, with delightful wooden framing to give it a solid, durable appearance. The copper used for it was actually the backside of the Rojo Y Negro pattern. Though the front is where the pattern is crafted, the back often ends up with its own ‘pattern’ as a side effect of the process.

Reversed Rojo Y Negro Copper Bar Top

Frameless Enchantment Copper Countertop

Enchantment copper countertops, like the one shown here, can be in many different widths and sizes. Unique about this copper countertop is the way the top extends past the counter itself and lacks a traditional wooden frame that is so often seen in other countertops. It’s yet another example of how you can use copper and how to make it stand out even more.

Enchantment Copper Countertop

Striped Azul Copper Table

The copper table seen here has three segmented strips. The left and right strips are Azul copper, while the middle strip retains the table’s original wooden appearance, giving this piece a thick-striped appearance.

Azul Copper Table