Smooth Azul Copper Table

Below, we have an Azul copper table. As you can see, the project involved adhering the Azul copper to opposing sides and edges, while leaving an equal sized strip in the center to separate the two and show off the table’s smooth wooden surface.

Azul Copper Table

Elaborate Reverse Rojo Y Negro Copper Bar Top

Copper bar tops like the one shown below, can be as lengthy and elaborate as you want. The copper used here was the backside of the Rojo Y Negro pattern. Though not intentional, the backside often develops a ‘pattern’ of its own during the process of creation.

Reverse Rojo Y Negro Copper Bar Top

Beautiful Light Distressed Copper Range Hood

Copper range hoods are a good way to show off copper, and here we have a beautiful Light Distressed pattern hood that really fits in well with the white cabinetry and pale, creamy tones of the wall it rests against.

Light Distressed Copper Range Hood

Enchantment Copper Swimming Tile

If you look at the center of this image, you’ll see an Enchantment copper tile that has been appended between two water spouts of this swimming pool. Though many projects are intended for indoor environments, Color Copper is also great for outdoor projects, and with the right care when first setting it up, will last for years and years.

Enchantment Copper Tile

Finely Crafted Golden Bamboo Bar Top

The extensive bar top shown here is a Golden Bamboo bar top. We think it came together quite nicely.

Golden Bamboo Bar Top

Verde Copper Bathroom Vanity

This small bathroom vanity has been topped with the Verde copper pattern. Rich green and bronze tones throughout make Verde a good choice for any project that seeks to attract.

Verde Copper Backsplash

Unique Rainlike Enchantment Copper Backsplash

Here’s another copper backsplash image; the backsplash shown uses Enchantment copper and appropriate lighting to bring out the unique rainlike appearance of Enchantment. Even better is when you view it in person.

Enchantment Copper Backsplash

Minimalistic Stellar Copper Bar Top

This Stellar copper bar top goes for a minimalistic style, with a thin bezel on the sides and a straight-forward shape.

Stellar Copper Bar Top