Soft-toned Antique Copper Backsplash

Here we have a copper backsplash made from the Antique copper pattern. Antique is known for its soft tones and neutral brown shades.

Antique Copper Backsplash

Streaming Enchantment Copper Bar Top

This Enchantment copper bar top is made with three neatly attached segments. Enchantment copper is best known for its pattern resembling a raindrops streaming down the copper sheeting.

Enchantment Copper Bar Top

Smooth Verde Copper Bar Top

This smooth looking copper bar top was made with Verde copper. Epoxy provides the glossy sheen that can be seen.

Verde Copper Bar Top

Delectable Azul Copper Bar Top

Look past these desserts, and you’ll see an Azul copper bar top. Azul copper is a mixture of bronze and blue tones that can give flair to a project and the area you want to enhance.

Azul Copper Bar Top

Antique Copper Countertop

This wonderful Antique Copper countertop showcases Antique’s delightfully smooth pattern. Several neutral shades of brown fill the void in this room and provide a cool and refreshing atmosphere.

Antique Copper Countertop

Reverse Pattern Rojo Y Negro Copper Bar Top

This reversed Rojo Y Negro copper bar top uses the backside of the copper sheeting to show an appealing side effect of the crafting process. The back of Rojo Y Negro copper will often form its own pattern that in some cases is worth using on its own, like the one seen in this image.

Reverse Rojo Y Negro Copper Bar Top

Decorative Medium Distressed Copper Range Hood

Hey, a copper hood! Here we have a Medium Distress copper range hood hanging high above a rustic looking stove/oven. Copper range hoods are often easily seen from any spot in the room, and thus make a great choice for a decorative Color Copper project.

Medium Distressed Copper Range Hood

Practical Stellar Copper Bar Top

Take a look at this lengthy copper bar top. Using the Stellar copper pattern for the top, the owners have created a welcoming bar room that is not only pleasant to view, but practical in its straight-forward design and seating arrangement.

Stellar Copper Bar Top

Medium Distressed Wood and Copper Table

This delightful wooden table has an embedded layer of Medium Distressed copper that was left surrounded by a frame of the table’s naturally dark wood.

Medium Distressed Copper Tabletop