Verde Copper

The copper pattern shown in this project is Verde copper. Verde is a good outdoor choice with its green and brown colors.

Verde Copper

Well-lit Enchantment Copper Bar Top

Compare this image to the previous post. This Enchantment copper bar top‘s appearance is affected heavily by the overhead lighting. The strength and tone of the light can make the Enchantment copper below vary greatly in appearance.

Enchantment Copper Bar Top

Rainlike Enchantment Copper Countertop

Shown here is a copper countertop made from Enchantment copper. The Enchantment copper pattern has a rainlike sequence of black streaks and an orange backdrop.

Enchantment Copper Countertop

Exaggerated Textured Copper Hood

Here we have a copper range hood. This hood, however, is unique in that its been made with the textured copper. The copper’s exaggerated texture is best viewed in a well lit room.

Textured Copper Range Hood

Azul Copper Wall Cladding

Here we have a copper wall cladding project that uses the Azul copper pattern. Azul copper is known for its combination of different shades of bronze and blue.

Azul Copper Wall Cladding

Enchantment Copper Bathroom Vanity

Here we have an Enchantment copper vanity. The Enchantment copper is wrapped cleanly around the edge, providing a smooth surface at any point.

Enchantment Copper Vanity

Illuminated Rojo Copper Bar Top

On display in this image is a copper bar top made with the Rojo copper pattern. Rojo copper generally contains light red and green tones that are heavily influenced by lighting and whether or not epoxy has been applied to the copper. The Rojo copper in this project has a lighter appearance.

Rojo Copper Bar Top

Dark Rojo Y Negro Copper Table Top

Shown below is the Rojo Y Negro copper pattern. Embedded as a copper tabletop, the dark features of Rojo Y Negro are elevated here.

Rojo Y Negro Copper Table Top

Small Enchantment Copper Countertop

This small copper countertop uses the Enchantment copper pattern. This Enchantment copper particularly is given a ‘glazed’ appearance by the yellow-orange lighting overhead.

Enchantment Copper Countertop