Verde Copper Bathroom Vanity

Take any piece of furniture, and you can probably turn it into a color copper project. This copper bathroom vanity/sink was made with the dark green and bronze toned Verde copper pattern.

Verde Copper Bathroom Vanity

Pleasant Light Distressed Copper Bar Top

Light Distressed copper is a good choice for providing a pleasant atmosphere and helping guests relax. Here we have a Light Distressed copper bar top set in place by an even lighter shade of wood.

Light Distressed Copper Bar Top

Copper Range Hood

In the background of this panoramic photo is a copper range hood. Range hoods can be crafted with any copper pattern.

Copper Range Hood

Striking Enchantment Copper Bar Top

This striking Enchantment copper project is a mixture of solid light blue painted cabinetry beneath a lengthy Enchantment copper bar top.

Enchantment Copper Bar Top

Effective Antique Copper Bar Top

Any pattern can be effectively used for a copper bar top. The creators of this bar top chose the Antique copper pattern to make their bar top with.

Antique Copper Bar Top

Orange Enchantment Copper Countertop

Look below for an Enchantment copper pattern project. This copper countertop uses the Enchantment copper, but also enhances the orange tones with similarly colored lighting.

Enchantment Copper Countertop

Smooth Antique Copper Countertop

Take note of the countertop below; it was made with the Antique copper pattern. Noteworthy is the smoothness of the corners and edges. This is a good example of how easily the copper can be adhered neatly, even if you do it yourself.

Smooth Antique Copper Countertop

Rojo Y Negro Copper Table Top

Rojo Y Negro copper is on showcase here. The copper table here is matches the dark red, orange, and black tones of Rojo Y Negro with a black wooden frame.

Rojo Y Negro Copper Table Top

Rojo Copper Shower Walls

This shower project contains Rojo copper. The thick strip of Rojo copper is shown below the glass shower doors. Rojo is known for its light red and green tones.

Rojo Copper Shower Wall