Natural Verde Copper Bar Top

Verde copper bar tops tend to give a nature-like sensation to any room’s environment. Bronze-like tones and deep shades of green are what make up the Verde copper pattern.

Verde Copper Bar Top

Curved Rojo Copper Bar Top

This curved Rojo copper bar top was set in a commercial bar establishment. Copper bar tops are one of the more common uses for Color Copper.

Rojo Copper Bar Top

Mottled Copper Fireplace

Copper fireplaces are one of the less common projects we show on this blog. The fireplace shown here was crafted with Mottled copper.

Mottled Copper Fireplace

Antique Copper Backsplash Project

Copper can also be used in a backsplash project! Here we see an Antique pattern copper backsplash. A backsplash is a great choice for adding visual flair to your kitchen.

Antique Copper Backsplash

Rustic Light Distressed Copper Range Hood

Each copper project has something unique to add. This time we’ve got a Light Distressed copper range hood; a wonderful rustic sensation is provided by the hood/cabinetry combination.

Light Distressed Copper Range Hood

Frameless Enchantment Copper Bar Top

Here we have a frameless Enchantment copper bar top. The Enchantment pattern is often noted for its rain-like appearance.

Enchantment Copper Bar Top

Framing Sunburst Copper Fireplace

Shown around this fireplace is a Sunburst copper backsplash that frames the fireplace opening. Sunburst copper consists of numerous black sunspots set upon a sunny orange backdrop.

Sunburst Copper Fireplace

Wonderful Copper Range Hood

This beautiful photograph displays a copper range hood. Range hoods are a wonderful way to add beauty to a kitchen.

Copper Range Hood

Antique Copper Desk

Furniture is also a good choice for copper projects. Take a look at this copper desk, given a traditional, classic feel through the natural wooden shades and Antique copper‘s rustic darkened tones.

Antique Copper Desk