Aligned Light Distressed Copper Range Hood

The following image is of a Light Distressed copper range hood. Dark brown cabinetry aligns either side of the copper range hood.

Light Distressed Copper Range Hood

Spectacular Antique Copper Range Hood

To really grab someone’s attention, try a copper range hood. This spectacular Antique copper range hood is a good example of what can be done with any of the copper patterns available.

Antique Copper Range Hood

Smoootly Crafted Enchantment Copper Bar Top

Our next image puts on display an incredible Enchantment copper bar top. Blue cabinetry uphold the smoothly crafted copper bar top, made using Enchantment’s rainlike copper pattern.

Enchantment Copper Bar Top

Meteor-like Stellar Copper Tabletop

Each time we see something new and unique, we like to share it on this website. Today we have a copper tabletop with the Stellar copper pattern. Stellar copper contains streaming “meteors” that trail down the copper sheeting.

Stellar Copper Tabletop

Rojo Copper Shower Paneling

We’ve often shown bar tops on this web blog, but every now and then we like to show off a copper paneling project. Below is a shower project with a thick strip of Rojo copper applied to the base of the shower exterior.

Rojo Copper Shower Paneling

Expressive Mottled Copper Tabletops

Copper tabletops are an excellent way to exhibit your own sense of creativity. On display here is a Mottled copper table top, taking advantage of the darkened black and brown tones of the Mottled pattern.

Mottled Copper Tabletop

Dimly Lit Enchantment Copper Bar Top

Note here how dim lighting can affect the appearance of a copper pattern, such as this Enchantment copper bar top; controlling the lighting and environment of your copper project can affect the mood tremendously and enhance the experience.

Enchantment Copper Bar Top

Visible Copper Range Hoods

The copper range hood project shown here is a good example of another way to add something special to your home. Because range hoods are attached to the ceiling, they’re visible from nearly any point in the room and an efficient way to improve a kitchen’s environment.

Copper Range Hoods

Hand-crafted Antique Copper Range Hood

Did you know that you can order hand crafted copper range hoods? These range hoods can be purchased in any of the eighteen different copper patterns. See below for an example of an Antique copper range hood.

Antique Copper Range Hood