Great Verde Copper Bathroom Vanity

Seen below is a Verde copper bathroom vanity. Bathrooms are a great location for copper projects.

Verde Copper Vanity

Excellent Rojo Copper Bar Top

Rojo copper, often seen as a furniture copper pattern, is also an excellent option for making a copper bar top. Below: a Rojo copper bar top

Rojo Copper Bar Top

Distant Medium Distressed Copper Range Hood

Here we have a copper range hood. Seen in the distant background, this Medium Distressed copper range hood is visible from any point in both this living room or kitchen.

Medium Distressed Copper Range Hood

Crafted Antique Copper Tabletop

Ever considered crafting a table with a copper tabletop? Copper furniture, such as table, can add something special to any room. Below: Antique copper tabletop

Antique Copper Tabletop

Delightful Enchantment Copper Vanity

Enchantment copper is one of the most viable copper patterns, used on every type of copper project; in this case, you can see an Enchantment copper vanity. Take a look:

Enchantment Copper Vanity

Outdoor Verde Copper Bar Top

Copper projects don’t have to be indoors! Here we have an outdoor copper bar top with the Verde copper pattern. Verde copper contains large green islands set upon a sea of bronze and brown tones.

Verde Copper Bar Top

Elaborate Azul Copper Range Hood

For an elaborate display, you can’t go wrong with a copper range hood. If your commercial or domestic kitchen supports it, then a copper range hood will add vibrance and beauty to your home or establishment. Below: Azul Copper Range Hood

Azul Copper Range Hood

Unique Mottled Copper Bar Top

Mottled copper is exhibited in this copper bar top image; the black tones and various shades of brown make this unique copper pattern a good choice for adding contrast into a bright room.

Mottled Copper Bar Top