Stellar Copper Kitchen Countertop

It’s Monday, again, so we thought we’d start off with a copper countertop photo. Today’s photo is of a Stellar copper countertop.

Stellar Copper Countertop

Rojo Copper Kitchen Backsplash

Today’s post is someone’s homemade Rojo Copper Kitchen Backsplash.

Rojo Copper Backsplash

Enchantment Copper Island

Here’s a custom Enchantment copper island. Enchantment copper looks like streaming black raindrops on a copper toned backdrop.

Enchantment Coppper Island

A Rojo Y Negro Tabletop

For our Thursday post, here’s a copper tabletop made with Rojo Y Negro copper. Rojo Y Negro contains dark red, orange, and black tones.

Rojo Y Negro Copper

Azul Copper Countertop

Today we want to share a photo of a custom home copper countertop. This one was made with the Azul copper patina.

Azul Copper Countertop

Verde Copper Bar Top

Shown below is a copper bar top made with the Verde copper pattern. Verde is a pattern consisting of rich green tones and rustic shades of brown.

Verde Copper Bar Top

Golden Copper Sign

Golden Copper Sign

Take a look at this Golden Copper sign someone made.