Enchantment Copper Bar Top

Today we have another Enchantment copper project—a copper bar top.

Enchantment Copper Bar Top

Light Distressed Copper Tabletops

In the below photo, you can see several small copper tabletops with Light Distressed copper.

Medium Distressed Copper Tabletops

In-progress Enchantment Copper Bar Top

Here’s a look at one copper bar top project as it was being completed—an Enchantment copper bar top.

Enchantment Copper Bar Top - In Progress

Azul Copper Countertop

Today we want to share a photo of a custom home copper countertop. This one was made with the Azul copper patina.

Azul Copper Countertop

Streaming Enchantment Copper Backsplash

Enchantment copper is most often used for copper backsplash projects. This is because the backsplash forces the copper upright at a medium height and allows light to interact with a person’s perspective to truly show off the streaming appearance of Enchantment copper.

Enchantment Copper Backsplash